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Claymore's Miner Manager – monitoring and managing mining rigs

The miner supports remote control / monitoring using the JSON protocol via TCP / IP sockets, HTTP is also supported.

Install Claymore’s miner latest version:
– Linux
– Windows

Launch EthMan.exe from the Remote Management subdirectory (for Windows versions only).

Claymore's Miner Manager

Settings for the miner:


Port for remote control / monitoring. The default value is -3333 (read only),
Specify "-mport 0" to disable the remote monitoring feature.

Specify a negative value to enable monitoring (receiving statistics), but disable management (reboot, download files), for example, "-mport -3333" enables port 3333 for remote monitoring, but remote control will be blocked.

You can also use your web browser to view the current state of the miner, for example, enter "localhost: 3333" in the browser.

  • Warning: use a negative parameter value or completely disable remote control if you think that you can be attacked through this port!

By default, the miner will accept connections on the specified port on all network adapters, but you can directly select the desired network interface, for example, "-mport" will open the port only on the local host.


Password for remote monitoring (control). By default, it is empty, so anyone can request statistics or manage the miner remotely if the -mport option is set. You can set a password for remote access (at least EthMan v3.0 is required to support passwords).




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