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I have been using this site for quite some time. I have found it to be genuine and paying website.
You can make money by clicking on adverts, Roll Faucets OfferWalls, Investment Games, CPU Mining, Referral Earning and Contests. Lottery & Visiting Short Links. You need to create your account with your Gmail address. and start making BTC.

If you do not have your BITCOIN address, you may create one here. If the link does not open on clicking,

Copy/paste this into your browser:

The salient features of this site are as under:

  • Genuine and Paying website.
  • Register for Free plan. Provision for upgrade
  • Transaction Fee for withdrawal: No idea
  • Payment Methods: Through BTC Wallets only.
  • Earning Potential: There is no limit to your earning without investing a single penny. You can upgrade your plan to generate more BTC every day.

Now, you can safely click this link to go to the site. Enter your BTC and start mining.

For your info, 1 BTC is currently valued at around USD 9,185.00.

Google the price of btc to usd to get the present price.

Once you register, WhatsApp me on this number: 9985488894 for a tutorial, with this Msg: GPU MINING TUTORIAL




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