How to get likes on Instagram without being banned? | Kiếm Tiền Trên Mạng - Make Money Online

Many users are ready to get likes on Instagram, because this is the fastest way to increase their number. However, many people are afraid of getting banned for their cheating. What should I do in this situation?

You can get likes without being banned if you follow some rules:

1. Do not cheat if your account was created recently.

2. Do not cheat on an empty account.

3. Do not combine cheating with other types of promotion, such as advertising, mailing lists, or cheating on another site.

4. Stick to the slow cheat speed. If, for example, you order 1000 likes, it is better to distribute their promotion for a few days.

5. Choose proven cheat services, such as Cheating likes on reliable sites will protect your Instagram account from unpleasant outcomes.




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