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Our project Mission – earn money with your mind
As part of our project, we suggest that you plunge into the history of the "Gunpowder Conspiracy" and follow the biography of the most famous figure among the conspirators – Guy Fawkes. Explore historical sources to get answers to questions that will lead you to higher returns on your deposits.

The story of the “Gunpowder Plot”
If you do not answer questions about the history of the Event, then deposits will be created at 4% per day for 30 calendar days. Each correct answer will allow you to increase your daily rate by 0.1%. You will receive the next question after making at least 1 deposit with the correct answer to the previous one.

More numbers
The minimum deposit is 10 USD. The maximum is limited to 1000 USD as 1 deposit. By the way, the profitability of the deposit is determined not by the thickness of your wallet, but by the correct answers to questions about the Gunpowder Plot. Answer correctly and get a higher percentage on the deposit.

Increase profitability with knowledge
Each time you make a deposit, you will receive questions about the history of the Gunpowder Plot and the biography of its most famous member, Guy Fawkes. Answer correctly and get a higher daily percentage (+ 0.1% per day for each correct answer). The maximum profitability can be increased up to 5% per day.

Expandable Question Base
Our full-time historian is constantly adding new questions about the Gunpowder Plot, Guy Fawkes, and other members. We don't want you to get bored, so to get a higher income you will need to work with sources of knowledge about the Event and its participants.



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