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Project: Richwaygam

Official launch: August 5, 2020.
Domain register 3 year : 2019-2022
Accept deposits : Perfect Money, Payeer , Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC], Visa.
Minimum investment: $ 20.
Minimum payment: Unlimited.
Profit accrual
: 7 days / week
Payment: Instant – Instant payment

About Program:
Established in 2019, RichWAY GAM is a registered asset management company GOV.UK, by portfolio managers with an average of 10 years of trading and portfolio management experience. structured, companies invest capital from customers, bringing capital into various investment activities including stocks, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, real estate, limited partnerships, and more. Along with a high net worth individual portfolio,
We aim to provide profits that are adjusted for exceptional risk over the long term.

Investment Plans:

  • From 63% to 105% per month (2.1% to 3.5% daily profit) on the size of the investment portfolio.
    ● Level 1 from $20 to $499 – 2.1 % daily profit
    ● Level 2 from $500 to $999 – 2.5 % daily profit
    ● Level 3 from $1000 to $4999 – 3.0 % daily profit
    ● Level 4 from $5000 to $50000 – 3.5 % daily profit

A fee for early withdrawal of funds from investment portfolio?
a) up to 12 days: 30%
b) from 12 to 30 days: 8%
c) from 30 to 45 days: 5%
d) after 45 days:

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My deposit:

The amount of 500 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U23163488->U23560328. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 208, Deposit to User fifa.. Date: 03:25 06.08.20. Batch: 327682465.






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