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YFIA Finance is a decentralized community autonomous asset management platform, which was originally built on Ethereum and designed for DeFi (Decentralized Finance), integrating financial derivatives trading platform, stable currency, and lending platform.

1. Read information in website:

2. Join in our Telegram channel:

3. Join in our Telegram group:

4. Follow our Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet:
5. Follow our Medium and clap the post:

6. Fill the form to complete your tasks.
7. All task is necessary.

Each valid account will receive 0.1 YFIA (15$).
Only 3000 valid accounts in 5 days. Airdrop is finished in 2020/09/10.
Distribution will start after listing exchange about 1 month.

The result form:

Trên đây là bài post của nó. Dòng họ nhà YFI nếu ngon có thể x5, x10 lần.




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