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Simplified and intuitively simple interface so that even an inexperienced person can figure out and study the functionality in a matter of minutes. Notification of reaching the specified price of the given tokens, which will help an experienced trader quickly navigate the market and, if necessary, change the strategy.

YF Moonshot, through its DeFi protocol, aims to allow all its users to use their assets in several different pools and earn their YFMS token, through a governance policy on platforms that offer in this way, the YFMS token will become advantageous because all users who hold and bet will earn additional YFMS over time in a continuous and profitable way in a simple and transparent way all Users will be able to bet stable currencies such as USDT, DAI and TUSD several pools being a starting point for all YF Moonshot

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YF Moonshot with the new DEFI modality, with decentralized finance is attracting and enabling all cryptocurrency investors to take advantage of opportunities previously offered only to major investors in the traditional economy, thus enabling it through a set of platforms, applications and protocols that simulate traditional financial market structures through blockchain technology, as well as through distributed governance.

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YF Moonshot PREVENTS ITSELF FROM DEVALUATION Since the reward ratio is equal for both locking stablecoins and staking EPX tokens, mathematically both sides should also have the same amount of investment. So if the locking side has a total $100M investment and the staking side has a total $20M investment, money should flow from stablecoins to EPX tokens since minting is more profitable by staking EPX.


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