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Drift is an amusing economic game with the possibility to withdraw real money. We provide our users with many ways to have a good time and get real money. You can earn money using various ways and withdraw your earnings without any limits, you do not need to top up your balance in order to have an access to payouts. There are more than 8 ways of earnings in Drift, most of them do not need any investments or money injections in Drift. Here are some of them: «Taxipark», «Carsharing», «Cargo transportation», «Websites surfing», «Tasks», free «Lottery», «Daily bonus» and of course «Affiliate program». We recommend that you completely familiarize with each of them after signing up. We do not have any limitations as to earnings payment, except the minimum amount of payment, which are established by the payment systems and payment aggregators themselves. Each user can withdraw from the project exactly as much as he earns in Drift.



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