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The global economy is facing issues due to pandemic situation and issues have caused almost every industry, market, and companies to re-evaluate core processes. This season has accelerated interest and investment in digital transformation which includes blockchain technology as known as distributed ledger technology.

According to IDC, there is an estimated $11.7billion to be invested in blockchain technology by 2020 and it will reach a total of nearly $17.9 billion in 2024 and the investment by business, the US, and other countries are spending time struggling with the regulation of the tokens, cryptocurrencies, privacy, tax implications, etc.

Do you know what people and companies are behind blockchain technology? those are MIT, Andreesen Horowitz, Tim Draper, Mark Cuban, JP Morgan and the thousand of smart computer science and math engineers. If those very smart and brilliant people are supporting blockchain, why not you think the future of blockchain is bright

If you would like to understand the underlying technology of blockchain development, or get the specialized materials to learn more about it you can try the web application of BINT Protocol.

BINT Protocol, Blockchain Internet Network Terminal protocol, was established to create enhanced environment for blockchain system development and build up a community for all the participants to make them be able to freely share each other's information and do the winning game.



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