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Adviev (PRELAUNCH) is an advertising platform that distributes revenue generated by advertising sales, conducting trading operations on the cryptocurrency market, and investing in other liquid projects.

Sign up bonus | Get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP
With this bonus, you will be in GROUP 2.

What is a BAP and how does it work?
Having a BAP – you get the right to receive paid ads. When you receive paid ads, these ads consume your BAP.
For every paid 0.01$ ads you've viewed 20 BAP is deducted from your account.
For example, if you receive paid advertising in the amount of 1$, then 2000 BAP will be deducted from your BAP balance after viewing the ads.
You can get more BAPs: buying BAPs, views at BAP ads.
Buying BAPs, every 1$ spent instantly gives you 2440 BAP, which is 1.22$ in paid ads. 1 BAP is equivalent to 0.0005$
Your BAP balance determines on how more expensive ads you will receive. The more BAP you have, the more expensive announcements you will receive.


GROUP 1 0 – 499 ===>0$
GROUP 2 500 – 12199 ===>$0.063
GROUP 3 12200 – 24399 ===>$0.126
GROUP 4 24400 – 48799 ===>$0.225
GROUP 5 48800 – 97599 ===>$0.414
GROUP 6 97600 – 195199 ===>$0.81
GROUP 7 195200 – 390399 ===>$1.62
GROUP 8 390400 – 780799 ===>$3.24
GROUP 9 780800 – 1707999 ===>$6.93
GROUP 10 1708000 – 3659999 ===>$14.4
GROUP 11 3660000 – 7807999 ===>$28.8
GROUP 12 7808000 – 15616000 ===>$57.6

Project have two balances
Main balance and Reinvest balance. Profit from shares and viewing paid ads will be distributed as follows:

==>65% of the profit will be added to the Main balance.

==>35% of the profits will be added to the reinvest balance.

Referral Program
You will receive 4% of purchases (Baps, shares) by your referrals, as well as 3% of the amount they earn by viewing ads.

What is the “available withdrawal limit” and how does it work?
The available withdrawal limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw.
The available withdrawal limit can be increased with the help of deposits, purchases of BAPs and shares using payment systems.
By making deposits, buying BAPs and shares using payment systems, your available withdrawal limit will increase by 150%

What is the minimum withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal size for Perfect money, Payeer, Litecoin – 8$
For Bitcoin – 50$

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