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Mineify is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency platform that includes crypto mining, and crypto wallets.
Mineify was founded in 2016 with the singular goal of streamlining cryptocurrency services. Initially, we only hosted miners for our clients at our Siberian facilities. But now, Mineify is a streamlined cryptocurrency platform that offers crypto mining, crypto wallet, and crypto exchange services.

Mineify provides one of the world’s most reliable mining facilities in Siberia. We have high-end and technologically advanced mining facilities where your miners can work without disruptions. Our Siberian mining facility is staffed by support staff who ensure smooth operation by addressing all of your miners’ concerns and problems immediately.

Mineify has a native cryptocurrency, and we also have a BCH and BTC wallet. As such, Mineify is a one-stop-shop for crypto mining, crypto exchange, and crypto storage.

Mineify is a registered company in Russia and Australia. Our platform is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Purchase Mining Plan Mining Farm:

Mineify has two mining plans you can purchase: BTC and BTH mining plans.

You can purchase a mining plan for either BTC or BTH, depending on your preference. But please note that the length of each of our mining contracts is 18 months.

Mining Facility

Back when we first started out in 2016, Mineify provided high-end hotels and mining facilities in Siberia. We provided mining equipment and facilities for clients who wanted us to host their miners. However, as the mining industry grew, so did Mineify. In addition to hosting services, we started offering cloud mining for novice and expert users.

In 2020, Mineify opened its doors to novice and professional miners from across the globe. We now provide cloud mining services to novice and expert users alike.

Mineify provides some of the most advanced and high-tech mining facilities that guarantee 99.9% uptime, powered by clean yet cheap Siberian hydropower. We provide the mining equipment, high-tech facilities, and on-site specialists and assistants to ensure you can focus on mining undisturbed.

Free Mining Power: 2TH/s Power ( 18 months )

Free GHS click after;

Roi Time: 18 months

Withdraw BTC ( Bitcoin ), BCH ( Bitcoin Cash )

Deposit : Visa Cards, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, ve Dash

Minimum / Maximum Withdraw:

However, if you have a free mining contract, your minimum withdrawal amount of $10 until you supplement it by purchasing a mining contract.

Once you purchase a mining contract, your minimum withdrawal falls to $3.

Minimum / Maximum Deposit:

Our minimum contract amount is $50. There is no ceiling on the contract amount, but if you want to invest more than $25,000, please contact our manager at office

My Invest: 74$ ( 0.00490 BTC ) ( %50 buy code )


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