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DarkMine.cloud – cloud mining of cryptocurrencies of basic algorithms: SHA-256, SCRYPT, ETHASH. We offer a secure and stable platform with a flexible affiliate program. We are a company created by a team of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain technology professionals. Since 2017, we have organized a Bitcoin mining farm (SHA-256) with the funds raised. The successful choice of the location for creating the infrastructure (Isladnia) helped us very quickly increase the computing power of the mining farm based on the SHA-256 algorithm, as well as deploy the infrastructure for the ETHASH and SCRYPT algorithms. For the further development of our farms, we decided to provide an opportunity for everyone to invest in equipment for mining cryptocurrency. For this purpose, the darkmine.cloud service was created. We have tried to make the mining mechanism as simple and understandable as possible for our partners. Welcome to our team!



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