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em thấy trong nhóm bitcny chat trên tele, có vụ này các cụ xem chơi:

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🎁 Ethereum | Bitcoin (ETH)(BTC) | Double Giveaway🎁

Good day guys, we are happy to announce our partnership with the Ethereum and Bitcoin community. Together, we are giving away $3 million ETH and 2 million BTC to members of the crypto society worldwide 🌎 to stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrency this holiday season🎉🎉🌲.

For those that forfeited the previous giveaway can now take part in the ETH and BTC giveaway now.

You don’t need referral to partake in this event and no country restriction too and you can earn up to 20,000 ethereum at once.

PS: you can only take part in this event only once.

Thank you for your amazing support and congratulations in advance.

trong nhóm thấy chém ác lắm, ông nào cũng kêu nhận đc tiền x5 lần.
em vào etherscan thấy có khỉ gì đâu, số tk nhận tiền của thằng airdrop này dư có 4ETH thì drop ra nước à?





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