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Investment Status is a modern but stable online business. The easiest way to explain the essence of our business is to ask a leading question – have you ever thought about where the sites you visit are stored? Where are the texts and images on this page loaded from, for example? The answer is Servers. Any website or service on the Internet is hosted on a server that is connected to the network around the clock and is serviced by specialists. The modern world is impossible without high-speed information transmission. We earn money on this. We rent out our servers to large customers. Our unique developments allow us to force the maximum capacity out of each server. It provides us high profitability. Before launching our own servers, we worked for more than 5 years at the largest data centers and gathered a team of real professionals in their field. Our main asset is not equipment, everyone can buy it, servers are just a tool. Our main asset is our team and unique software development.



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