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Good day, forum users, friends! The project is at the “partisan” stage. Later, the design, plans, and referral program will be updated!

I am not the admin / Creator of the project.
the topic is not a call to action and was created for informational purposes.
project start: 17.04.2021

Registration in the project!!!

ABOUT the project!

Our program “RateToBePaid” organizes the most luxurious leisure water activities for you: diving with the beautiful fish, yachting on the expensive ships, surfing on the high waves, enjoying the breathtaking sea views and relaxing under the warm sun. We always take care of your rest as we focus on comfort and level of satisfaction of our clients and investors. Our specialists are also looking into different kinds of start-ups, logistics schemes, programming.

The program “RateToBePaid” aims to give you an opportunity to benefit in those spheres of life, where it is feasible and realistic – you will be able to make profit safely, without any risks or doubts. “RateToBePaid” can help you to become financially independent and improve your level of living conditions – now the decision is yours! Investing with us you will invest into yourself! We are waiting for your response and we are ready to assist you in creating the best version of your life already now!

Project Marketing!!!
plan 1
2.1% after 3 days
$10 – $50
principal return

plan 2
0.8% daily, for 7 days
$30 – $100
principal return

plan 3
0.9% daily, for 11 days
$50 – $100
principal return

You can have only one deposit per plan.

Minimum investment amount!

Payment systems!

(Over time, other payment systems will be added)

Payment Rules!
Manual, within 24 hours.

The Output Is Minimal!

0,3 USD

Referral Program!

Language versions!

Soc. Networks and Support!
Support service. [email protected]
( Other communication methods will be added, as well as social networks)

Technical specifications

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Mar 30, 2021 – Mar 30, 2022
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Registration in the project!!!

My Deposit!!!
Date : 04/22/2021 10:05
From/To Account : U27274326
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 387141634
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. ratetobepaid.com.
Payment ID : 28
Hash : 8434a0021eff6cb05f0765c8abe69bb6




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