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😱😱wow wow wow wow😱😱

🌟A completely new system of marketing for the community by the community .

😱Also 3X listing confirmed😱

Why we think Crawler Finance is the project to invest in, and why it has a system within its concept to pump the token.

Reason as follows;
1. Dump prevention:

Crawler Finance will open staking protocol during presale so our presale holders can enjoy from the high APY gains and avoid dumping when token is listed. (Subject to platform completion. )

2. Community Decisions:

Crawler Finance has two presale wallet, one of the wallet will be allocated (10% of the funds) for marketing, such funds will be spent on marketing in accordance to community suggestion, simply speaking, community can spend such fund to their preference of marketing. A tailored system to pump the token because main goal of the holders is always to pump the token and this is what we intend to do.

This is a method yet to be tested and we in Crawler Finance believe this to be the solution in bringing value to the native token. A system desired by all the community and we are one of the first to implement.

Presale ongoing, 3x listing confirmed by Cointiger exchange, Audit complete, Whitepaper complete and much more….

TG link :

Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.



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