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Deliveero research & development company
Deliveero is the most modern solution to organize the food delivery from restaurants. We are dedicated to developing high-quality software based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way to distribute orders based on restaurants, riders and customers location . And today we give everyone the opportunity to become a Deliveero partner and earn money with us. Currently, we are attracting investment and paying high recompenses to all investors.

Delivery market
Total market volume for food delivery from restaurants within large cities in early 2020 surpassed the $ 70 million. The main analysts predicted the growth of this market at 14.7% per year. The consequences of the pandemic and the quarantine introduced in many countries of the world increased the demand for home delivery, which resulted in a high demand for investment for this industry.
Delivery companies fight for every customer and do their best to win the competition in this market. Investing in the development o software and algorithms to be the first to deliver hot meals to your door.

History and mission
The rapid pace of life in megacities has already become something usual to most people. Permanent employment often does not leave the working part of the population time not only for rest, but even for lunch. Responding to modern trends and needs of society, Stephen Shaw founded Deliveero in 2019. Now everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their favorite dishes from any restaurant, not being distracted from important matters.
Our mission is to help organize the delivery of dishes from places of any rate. Developing the most advantageous individual offers for each client, Deliveero provides an increase in the number of orders from each restaurant, which contributes to the natural expansion of the business.

Our values
The main value of the company is the high quality of the services provided. We are constantly developing and striving to increase the loyalty of customers and partners of Deliveero, providing the opportunity for productive and beneficial cooperation for you. Respect and impeccable reputation among customers is the result of our constant work on self-improvement.

To customers
Deliveero regularly expands the list of delivery companies, giving preference to the most popular ones. Thanks to our service, people from all over the world, regardless of their gastronomic preferences, can enjoy their favorite food without leaving their home or workplace.
Our partner’s customers trust them and know that in the shortest period after making an order, still hot dishes will be on their table.

Modern technologies
Deliveero provides cutting-edge software that optimizes the logistics of couriers and minimizes the time taken to transport orders. Immediately after receiving the exact coordinates of the restaurant and the client, the program automatically transfers the order to the nearest courier.
In addition, immediately after placing an order, the client gets the exact expected time for its completion. Our technologies allow us to optimize the delivery process as much as possible and contribute to increasing the prestige of the restaurant in the eyes of the client due to absolute punctuality.

Best equipment
We don’t just offer high-tech service.
Among the business activities of our company is the purchase and production of equipment for delivery. Taking care of every detail, we provide couriers with the safest transport, quality backpacks and boxes, comfortable uniform and other important attributes.
Convenient working conditions for couriers, hot dishes for customers and an optimal solution for restaurants: Deliveero has everyone’s interests in mind.​



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